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Watching Briefs
Whatever your building plans are, from garage extension to large scale construction you may have to address archaeological conditions set by local planning authorities, county archaeologists or statutory bodies such as Cadw or English Heritage.

Such conditions may require that any excavation should be monitored by an archaeologist because of the potential discovery of archaeological remains. Should such an event occur then the archaeologist would seek to minimise both the risk to the archaeology and delays to your project.

In undertaking a watching brief, A.P.A.C. Ltd would also liaise with the appropriate authorities, produce a site report and organise a publication in a relevant academic journal where necessary.

Most watching briefs will require only simple recording methods which will be later compiled into a report containing advice as to archaeological potential of a site and any potential problems likely to be encountered. Should the need arise for more specialist recording then A.P.A.C. Ltd is able to provide these, subject to contract.

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