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Topographical Survey
Topographical survey is undertaken using a range of laser total stations (EDM) or global positioning systems (GPS). Choice of equipment and techniques employed tend to be dictated by the terrain and the requirements of the client’s needs. Data collected can be used for a variety of outcomes ranging from simple plans, setting out, distance and elevation, area and volume computations, to 3D modelling. The main field of expertise of A.P.A.C. Ltd is the use of topographic survey for prospection.

The combination of civil engineering equipment and archaeological experience in the field, are the crux of this technique. It relies on the ability to visualise anomalous lumps and bumps in a landscape and record their presence in a way that can be reproduced without the confusion of background information.

Uses of this technique are suited to a variety of needs from large scale landscape development to small scale planning considerations. Its implementation can be extremely useful in early planning procedures where evidence of archaeology can be used to advise on any proposed development prior to the expense of excavation costs and mitigation.

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