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Desk Top Research
If your development is in an area with a potential for archaeological remains it will be a requirement of the local Planning Authority that a desk top assessment is undertaken at the outset. A desk top assessment can be prepared by A.P.A.C. Ltd on your behalf to the specification that will be provided by the County Archaeologist.

The desk top assessment will be an estimate of the possible existence or significance of any archaeology likely to be encountered during your development work. A desktop assessment is compiled from existing documentary, cartographic and archaeological records.

A completed desk top assessment would then be presented as a report; from its information the Planning Authority would determine the need for any further archaeological work associated with the site to be developed.

In accordance with Planning Policy Guidance Note 16 (PPG16), a local authority may require an archaeological evaluation before planning permission can be granted. This need for evaluation is not dependant on size of project and could apply to your garage extension, drainage trench or pipeline. Field Evaluation may employ a variety of techniques such as trial excavation, field-walking, geophysics or topographical survey.

Trial trenching or evaluation trenching with the purpose of identifying the presence of any significant archaeological deposits within the proposed area of development would be conducted in accordance with a design brief set out by the local Planning Authority.. Should archaeological evidence be discovered its character, extent, date and state of preservation would be researched and the results used to advise on further developments. This stage of development can be an important consideration in minimising the destruction on archaeological deposits and potential knock-on costs.

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