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Privacy Policy
This web site is published by APAC Ltd.
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This web site is primarily aimed at adults.

We respect your privacy, and never sell or knowingly pass on personal information gathered through this web site to any "third party" other than as declared below, unless there is a legal or statutory obligation for us to do so.

Your use of this web site is expressly conditional upon your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, and our General Terms & Conditions of Use.

Personal Information

We only collect personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors, clients and customers. Any such information submitted through this web site is held in an online database outside the public area of this web site. This information is used to process orders and requests, and to assist with the day to day operation of APAC Ltd, and the provision and maintenance of the services we provide. A backup of the information submitted may also be stored offline.

We do not sell personal information to third parties.

Personal information gathered by us will only be knowingly passed to a third party in the following circumstances:

Non-personal Information

We also gather non-personal information, and use this to assist with the maintenance, development and security of this web site and the services we provide. This information is primarily used to repair broken links, improve the content and delivery of information on this web site, and to investigate attempts to breach web site and or server security. Non-personal information gathered includes, but is not limited to: This information is usually obtained from server and script logs, and warning messages generated by the cgi and php scripts used on this web site.


Whilst we take reasonable precautions to preserve the security of information held in our systems, commensurate with the nature and sensitivity of the type of information held, no system can ever be guaranteed to be totally secure.

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