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Archaeological Perspectives Analysis Consultancy
A.P.A.C. Ltd, was originally established in 2004 to promote the use of electronic topographical field survey as a prospection medium. Its use proved to be of great advantage during archaeological research work on earthwork castles in the South Wales area, leading to important discoveries and a reassessment of early castle studies. The archaeological research work also led to the need to integrate topographical survey results with geophysical prospection and so resistivity was added to the array of equipment available. As the services on offer by A.P.A.C. Ltd became known, an evident niche was identified in the field of accurate and efficient recording. A.P.A.C. Ltd was fortunate to be involved at the outset in the technological advance of Digital Photogrammetry having been approached, as an independent contractor, by Topcon UK Ltd to promote its use in British Archaeology.

As a result of the above archaeological research work it is now possible to offer this expertise to both public and private clients who need to understand the archaeological requirements of an area of land. This prospection work can be critical in advising future development prior to excavation. A.P.A.C. Ltd is also able to undertake a full range of desktop research, graphic illustration, Cad work, evaluation trenching and watching briefs.

Staff expertise and a client-based approach ensure that a higher quality of archaeological work can be achieved within a cost effective structure. A.P.A.C. Ltd is committed to working with the client to ensure the minimum of delay and disruption. A.P.A.C. Ltd is also committed to promoting a wider understanding of the past and has a firm policy for reporting results through academic publication, community and educational projects, public talks and displays.

A.P.A.C. Limited
Registered in Wales, Company Registration No: 5041541.
Registered Office 36 Hatherleigh Road, Abergavenny, Gwent NP7 7RG.

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